my top 5 picks for winos on a budget.

long story short, wine is an essential life source.


Unlike other things, you can always count on wine to keep you sane at the end of a long day. It waits for you in an Olivia Pope-sized glass, filled with instant satisfaction and answers to the world’s biggest questions.

Now, I am not a picky wino. Wine is wine. But, there are a few issues when I am at the store and see bottles selling for 50 bucks a cork.

Not cool.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, on good or bad days, a bottle of wine can be gone in an hour. When you’re sharing with a friend, or with yourself (I won’t judge), you only get a few decently sized glasses out of it.

Through my college years, I refused to spend more than 10 dollars on a bottle of wine — splurging on 15 dollars almost made me cringe.

I am here to share my expertise and professional testing for my fellow wine drinkers on a budget — because we are classy, too.

  1. Flip Flop | Even if you are suffering in the dead of winter, Flip Flop wines make you feel somewhat close to a beach. I honestly want to throw on some sandals and sunglasses every time I drink it. Just kidding, but it does make me feel really happy inside and makes me giggle like a ray of sunshine. As a Riesling lover, theirs takes the cake for “cheap” wines and is my go-to when I’m in a hurry at the store. $7/cork.
  2. Stella Rosa | In my opinion, pretty bottles make wine taste better. Stella not only has the looks, but has the taste as well. I am obsessed with the crown cork; it makes you feel like royalty every time you open a new bottle. My personal favorite is the semi-sweet Stella Rosso. Let’s just say I didn’t share this bottle with anyone. Seriously. Don’t touch my Stella. $10/cork.
  3. Barefoot | Some people give Barefoot a hard time for being so cheap. But let’s be real, that’s why I love it. Barefoot never disappoints with a huge selection to choose from. Whether you’re feeling like Sauvignon Blanc or a Sweet Red Blend, there is something there for you. Don’t forget, Barefoot also has the option to go with the bigger bottle (1.5 liters to be exact) after a long week … or Monday. $6 or below/cork.
  4. Tassel Ridge | If you are new to wine drinking and terrified of branching from Moscato (we’ve all been there), try Tassel Ridge. You will never say you are scared of red wine again. The Red, White, & Blue blend not only tastes like a heavenly grape juice once it hits your taste buds, but it is also locally-made right here in Iowa. $11/cork.
  5. Bella Sera | Bella means beautiful. I think wine is beautiful. Therefore, I love Bella Sera. My favorite from this line of wines is the crisp and light Pinot Grigio. With notes of pear, apple and citrus flavors, this is an easy-to-drink wine with or without a meal. I prefer my Pinot chilled. $12/cork.

No matter how much you spend, it all looks the same in a glass. For wine lovers like me, it’s all about splurging on taste and saving a dollar.



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