my story.

I have always been one to daydream.


Before high school was finished, I was completely set on getting out of Iowa to head to a coast. When the time came, I ended up leaving home for a college about 45 minutes away.

Although I loved my college experience, I couldn’t get rid of the itch to leave. I felt as if there was something more, something bigger I was meant to do. Days would go by where I felt suffocated and stuck in a place I wasn’t content to be in.

The thought of ‘what if’ would run through my mind if I never took the leap to move, yet I was still so unsure of if I would be able to make it on my own.

I have lived near my friends and family my entire life and have never had to branch out much. With a pretty sheltered life, I have always been able to call my parents if something went wrong or had friends to help me out with tasks I wasn’t able to achieve on my own.

It would be a lie if I said I never had the thoughts of giving up, being content and safe right here in Iowa forever due to my lack of self-confidence in reaching success elsewhere.

After college graduation, I continued my graduate internship at a local public relations agency through the summer. As it was nearing its end, I started applying for jobs in and out of the state during all of my spare time.

‘I’ll leave it up to God,’ I kept thinking to myself. If He believes in me to expand and grow outside of my comfort zone, He will get me there if I just keep trying.

After weeks of unsuccessful applications out of state, I was going through an interview process with an amazing company in Iowa. I started to think, ‘Okay, maybe this is what is meant to happen.’

As another week of daydreaming and lack of inspiration in my cubicle went by, I tried with all of my might to ensure myself that I could do this at my future job – for the next 50 years.

‘Just focus, Maddie,’ I would say to myself.

But I couldn’t stop the constant butterflies I would get thinking of bigger cities and the possibility of saltwater hitting my feet everyday.

Then, Rachel called and it all changed. The possibility of a new plan was set in place.

It took me about two weeks to officially to tell myself I could go for it. After I bought my tickets, I wondered why I was so back-and-forth about it. My true struggle was not wanting to let people down. But at the end of the day I knew what I wanted, what I needed.

With the encouragement from loved ones and my trust in Rachel, I knew I had to go – it was going to be too beautiful of an experience to not be lived out.

Leaving home will be an undeniably new experience for me. Although there were days I struggled and stressed, I am glad I made the sacrifices these last few months to work hard, save up money and give up precious time spent with the people I love. I truly believe this journey will be priceless and filled with magical moments that will make my life rich.


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I'm a salt water and city lights seeker writing my way around the world.

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