rainy days.

where are your thoughts when the thunder cracks?


Rainy days are underrated.

Whether you’re curled up in bed, sipping chai tea in a coffee shop or staring out the drizzle-glazed windows at work, these moments are for your mind and creativity to wander.

These days are the time to write about what you love, what makes you sad and the dreams you have.

Rainy days are filled with meaningful poetry, the deepest conversations and the tightest hugs when the thunder cracks.

While some are outside on the front porch watching the storm roll in with their dad, others turn into overprotective dog moms when their puppy gets scared or dance in the rain as they take in the moment without a worry in the world.

Rainy days are filled with sprinting inside with two hands flailing above your head, laughing when you playfully splash in a puddle and slyly smirking when your white shirt gets a little too wet.

These are the days where you tell someone you love them for the first time, run your fingers through their hair and learn every wrinkle on their hands.

Rainy days are for reflecting on a breakup, listening to that irreplaceable rainy day playlist on repeat. For allowing the tears that have been bottled up for months to finally be let out just like the sky outside of your bedroom window.

So before you complain about the sunshine deficiency, get your nose in that book, sip some hot coffee and enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain peacefully falling from above.

Rainy days are simply the best.


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