day spent with haven spa.

a day of relaxation in the busy city.

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It’s an understatement when people say NYC is a busy city. After a few days of exploring the different neighborhoods and running on jet lag, I decided a little ‘me’ time was in order.

I found myself at Haven Spa, a beautiful and serene spa located in SoHo. The interior was calm with lavender and grey design – I couldn’t wait to get some special treatment!

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Haven Spa has many classic treatments to choose from, but I couldn’t resist one of their seasonal options.

Chocolate Mint Pedicure

I decided my feet were tired from walking around Europe, so I chose the seasonal Chocolate Mint Pedicure. I was served a delicious drink and read a magazine to catch up on all of the American celebrity gossip. The all-natural chocolate mint body scrub smelled delicious and left my skin soft as can be. Although I couldn’t get the in-house scrub recipe out of the workers, my toes still looked pretty cute.

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Mint Body Scrub

My friend Rae was lucky enough to try the seasonal Mint Body Scrub during our visit to Haven Spa. She felt right at home in the white, fluffy robe while relaxing in the lounge. Her body scrub left her skin soft and silky – just what she needed after the transatlantic flight back to the states!

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Thank you, Haven Spa! You made our day of relaxation one to remember and we can’t wait to come back again!


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