my broadway experience with americana tickets.

tickets you can trust.

unnamedAnyone who walks through Times Square in New York City notices the mad line of people waiting for Broadway tickets. For hours and hours, tourists spend time they could rather be exploring the city waiting in line for a ticket they will ‘maybe’ get.

The myth is that this is the best way to get cheap tickets. Well, we are here to tell you a little secret: Americana Tickets.

For over a century, Americana Tickets has provided price point Broadway, sports and concert tickets to thousands of visitors every day.

Not only are they there to give you the best deal, they are also going to give you the best customer service. The awesome employees at Americana Tickets are filled with a range from sports pros to aspiring Broadway singers. Without a doubt, you will be provided with the top knowledge for whichever event you are aspiring to see.

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Jamane and Ryan showed us around the office (with a great view of Times Square might we add) that is located in the Marriott Marquis Hotel. We can tell you this is the perfect location, but you’ll see soon enough when you realize it is literally steps away from the Hamilton theater. Yes, Hamilton.

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We ended our amazing tour through Times Square with tickets to Matilda, our childhood dream. Let’s just say… it’s a must see.

Thank you for the amazing New York experience on Broadway, Americana Tickets. We are now lifelong customers and can’t wait to see you next time we are in the city!

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