my time at the 9/11 memorial & museum.

never forget.

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Many people remember the day vividly. Whether you were in second grade or sixty years old, you can visualize the moment the world stopped turning. Lives changed instantly, chaos was among us and our country would never be the same. As citizens faced terror, the rest of the world watched in fear. Fear of what was to come after this horrific event.

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September 11, 2001 was a day that should never be relived. But a day that we should also never forget.

When I arrived in New York City, I knew one of my must-do activities was to see the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I made it a priority.

The memorial was absolutely breathtaking. Names of the nearly 3,000 victims line the structure as water falls throughout the memorial. Many visitors go to the memorial because it is free (and beautiful at night, I must add), but I highly recommend paying to actually go into the museum.

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The museum is built within the remaining structure of the World Trade Center and has over 110,000 square feet filled with exhibitions that represent different aspects of the event.

If you plan on visiting the museum, prepare to spend a few hours inside. You will learn about how many minute details there were on that day – it was hard to believe. My afternoon was spent looking at pictures, watching videos and reading everything I saw, yet I never lost interest.

The common theme I noticed while walking through each exhibit was the silence. Always silent.

Through the photography, artwork, voice overs and artifacts that symbolized 9/11, visitors felt the weight and sadness that filled each room. There was never peep of laughter or loud talking, just silence, respect and sadness. Many people were seen crying, in shock and deeply feeling for the tragic event that created a ripple effect through our country.

The 9/11 Museum was unforgettable and symbolized the darkest day in the most beautiful of ways. Take a look at what I saw:

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Thank you, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, I was moved by my experience and will recommend it to everyone visiting the city.

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