melt shop

the king of comfort food.

If you asked Rae the last time she had a grilled cheese before we arrived at Melt Shop, she would tell you a LONG time ago. Thankfully, we found the perfect spot in NYC for gluten free eaters to indulge on a gourmet twist of the classic sandwich. Not only are their melts phenomenal, but they also call themselves the king of all comfort food – which includes tater tots and milkshakes, duh.
The Melt Shop offers both gluten filled and gluten free options. But don’t worry, they deep sanitize the cooking stations before any gluten free pieces touch the skillet.
With a delicious menu set in front of us, it took us awhile to officially decide on what food we wanted. Luckily, we had enough time to choose because the line was almost out the door – proof that Melt Shop knows what’s up!

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

Rae fancied the Turkey Club. It was filled with smoked turkey, mozzarella, bacon, tomatoes, arugula and a sherry vinaigrette on sourdough – the perfect choice for her first grilled cheese in a few years. She also didn’t surprise anyone when she ordered the peanut butter milkshake. If you didn’t know, one of Rae’s favorite food groups is… peanut butter.
Della dove into the delicious Truffle Melt. This sandy was filled with Havarti, truffle oil and arugula on sourdough. Her mouth definitely did the truffle shuffle for this one. She ended the meal on a sweet note with the strawberry milkshake.
And yes, we obviously ordered the tots to share. Who wouldn’t?

unnamed (8)unnamed (7)unnamedunnamed (6)unnamed (5)

Thanks, Melt Shop, we are already craving your melts and milkshakes!

della & rae

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