are you going for it?

some people want to fall in love with the one. i want to fall in love with places.


For the first time in my life, I have been faced with the unknown. With no set path, I am finally being forced to make tough decisions based on a gut feeling. In a mixed emotional state of fear and excitement, I attempt to plan out my life play by play.

Until I realized, in my case, that’s not how it is going to work.

At some point we have to give up what we can’t control. The endless questions from people around me asking what my future plans are lead to nights full of worry, and have consumed my thoughts for months.

I was anxious over the unknown of where I’ll end up, the possibility of living off more ramen noodles than I did in college or being completely unknown in a big city.

My biggest fear is to end up in the first cubicle that opens up simply to make ends meet. I have no clue what my next move will be, which fills me with anxious moments, but brilliant and inspiring ones as well.

I consistently catch myself daydreaming of what else the world has to offer and what I can make out of my life. The constant Retweets and Pins of beautiful places around the world flood our news feeds. I think to myself, “Wow, wouldn’t that be the life?” or “I wish I could go there.”

In a world full of what ifs, will we actually ever go for it?

I believe we are meant to take a chance, because without chances what would this world be? The thought of being out of my comfort zone is intimidating, but so is doing the same thing every single day for the next 60 years. The fear of rejection and failure are inevitable, but without moments of humility and struggle, I am afraid I will never find out where or who I’m truly meant to be.

Maybe your world revolves around raising a family, falling in love with “the one” or working nine to five. But it could also be seeing the world, forcing yourself to be uncomfortable or focusing on experiences rather than the materials you attain.

Some people want to fall in love with boys. I want to fall in love with places. There’s a beautiful world out there to experience, and I am afraid to miss it.

I believe everyone has their own dream and purpose to fulfill. In my current absence of security and abundance of freedom, I feel as if it’s God’s way of telling me to go for it and not miss out on a dream – something I thought would always remain what “I wish” I could do.

So the real question is, will you be content to fit the mold or are you going for it?


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I'm a salt water and city lights seeker writing my way around the world.

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