just like He loves us.

a Sunday morning lesson on the importance of self-appreciation.

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I sat in church last weekend after a few off days and negative insecurities. As the sermon came to an end, I heard my pastor say, “He rescued us to show us how to love others the same way we love ourselves.”

When he said this, I snapped out of my daze and really tried to decipher what he meant by that.

I looked back at the moments through the past week where I was irritable and down, realizing that I struggled to portray my love for the ones around me because I was the one with the empty tank.

It wasn’t their fault. It was the lack of love for myself in the first place.

I find myself putting all of my energy into the ones around me.

If they aren’t happy, I can’t be happy. At the end of the day, I know pleasing everyone is impossible, but it still results in a constant feeling of failure, second guesses, and insecurity.

How are we supposed to truly appreciate others if we don’t even know how to appreciate ourselves first?

What my pastor said helped me realize that it is crucial to take time for ourselves and focus on what makes a positive impact on our inner self so we can then radiate that love to the ones around us.

God created us just the way He wants us to be, and that is something I take for granted every day.

Each negative thought that crosses my mind creates doubt in who He wanted me to be. Each time I unhappily look in the mirror, I put down the beautiful body He wanted me live and thrive in. Each time I selfishly lash out on the ones around me, I’m not loving them the way He taught me to love.

It helps me realize that it is truly a blessing and amazing thing to completely love yourself just the way God made you. He individually made you be the only you, and to me, that is a miracle.

Remember this on your hard days filled with doubts. God made you exactly the way you are so you can then love others in the special way you were individually meant to love them, just like He loves us.

And to me, that’s a beautiful and much-needed Sunday morning lesson.


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