very delicious varieteas.

relax, it’s tea time.


After a weekend of feeling under the weather, Varieteas came to the rescue. The tea box arrived to my doorstep at the perfect time. Not only did it make me feel better, the tea tasted delicious.

Varieteas is an online tea shop that allows you to choose and order your favorite flavors from the tip of your fingertips. All you have to do is create an account, pick your teas and wait for the delicious package to be delivered. Could it be any easier? Nope, because it is the ‘new way to tea.


There are many options to choose from that you can find on the Varieteas site. With a range from Pumpkin Spice (basics rejoice) to White Pear, there is a tea for every taste bud.

Thankfully the experts at Varieteas did the hard work and chose my tea for me, otherwise I probably would have ordered them all. The February Box included Chocolate Delight, Sweet Strawberry and Moroccan Mint.


Each box comes with instructions on how to prepare your tea and even includes your own loose tea infuser.

My personal favorite was the Sweet Strawberry. The strawberry, apple, hibiscus and rose flavors created the perfect pinch of sweetness and calmed my sore throat.


It looks like I can skip the Valentine’s Day sweets and sip on these tea treats instead!

I can’t wait to order my next month’s box of tea, can you?


Thank you, Varieteas, you made my Sunday night as cozy as can be!


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