a coffee addict’s dream.

it’s simple, fast & fabulous.


After months of traveling, it was hard to get back into a healthy workout routine. I was all about eating home cooked meals and devouring tasty American food I had craved while abroad.

Thanks to Skinny Coffee Club, I now have the extra motivation to get fit and healthy again. I mean come on, a coffee that tastes delicious and makes you skinny? Is this real life? Not to mention, I am a former barista and forever coffee addict, so that makes it even better!

Skinny Coffee Club is a worldwide company that has created transformations in over 50 countries. Their Instagram and website are covered in amazing before and after pictures of Skinny Coffee Club consumers. Impressed, I decided I had to try it out myself.


I quickly learned it is just as simple, fast and fabulous as they say. Skinny Coffee Club can be made with a french press, tea strainer or coffee filter paper. Because I am replacing this with my morning coffee, I love that I don’t have to take any extra time out of my day to see results.

The coffee contains only six ingredients: ground coffee, ground green coffee, Siberian ginseng, spirulina (what’s that?), green tea extract and garcinia combogia (again, what’s that?).


As I begin my 28 day weight loss program, I plan on clean eating and referencing their awesome meal plan. Yes, you read that right – they even have a meal plan for you to follow. It will be sent directly to your email after joining the Skinny Coffee Club.

Along with eating clean,  I will aim to workout at least five days a week at my local gym and  get back into using My Fitness Pal (add me: madelinemuhlenbruck) to track my progress. That’s as simple as weight loss gets!

Stay tuned for my recap of the first 28 days. But for now, treat yourself to your own Skinny Club Coffee with my discount MADELINE20.

I can’t wait to hear about your very own results!



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