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photographer // christopher scott

I take my hair seriously and love to make a statement. Ever since coloring my hair to its current color (I like to call it ‘ice queen blonde’) many ladies have asked me questions about my styling and upkeep.

How do you not have breakage? What shampoo and conditioner do you use? But really, how high maintenance is it? What do you do to keep the color? How do you get those waves at your length?

As much as I try to get back to the ladies who have questions, I figured it would be easier to write it all out and explain my hair maintenance routine to all of you!

My Hair 101:

wash once or twice a week

This trick keeps my hair healthy in multiple ways. Not only does this mean I don’t have to dry and style it more than needed, it also helps keep my true color that I walked out of the salon with.

How do you keep it looking clean, you ask? Baby powder. This little trick adds volume and makes my roots look lighter than they are after a few weeks without a touch-up.

target // $1.47


When I do wash my hair, I try my best to let it air dry. But if I am in a rush out the door with wet locks, I throw in some EIMI Perfect Me to protect from heat and add shine before styling.

ulta // $19

purple, purple, purple

To keep the golden and warm hues out of your hair, use purple shampoo. My stylist told me this trick and it has saved my hair from the dreaded ‘yellow blonde’ look. I use Matrix SO SILVER when I’m in the shower. Leave it on for three to five minutes and your hair is bright as can be – it’s pure magic.

ulta // $22

If you’re more rebellious than me, you can also use temporary purple dye to keep your locks light and white. Once the dye fades, your hair will be stripped of any warm tones.

sally beauty // $10.50

it’s all in the wrist

For styling, my magical tool is my straightener. As a girl with blunt hair, it is difficult to wrap shorter strands around a wand or curling iron. So, I taught myself how to master the beach wave with a flick of the wrist.

target // $80.99

You can make your curls as tight or as loose as you want with the straightener. I like to make mine tighter, that way they fall to the perfect wave within a couple of days. When I wake up with bedhead, I use EIMI Sugar Lift to add texture and Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER for volume.

ulta // $19
kevin murphy // $27.50

get a bomb stylist

My stylist, Delaney from Salon 86, is always making sure my roots are taken care of and uses healthy products on my hair. When you’re as blonde as me, you have to be able to trust the person touching your locks. Your hair could be processed too long or toned to the wrong color – which would only result in traumatized tears.

When I go in for a touch-up about every four to five weeks, I know she won’t let me walk out of the salon until it is picture perfect.

photographer // christopher scott

If you have any other questions about my hair that I didn’t answer, feel free to DM me on Instagram or leave a comment below.


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