my healthy tea.

tea time tastes better than ever.

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Recently, I set a goal to run a half marathon in Denver. Never in my life did I think I would be putting my mind to this challenge, but it is all for a good cause (more to come on that later).

Because of my change in physical goals, I knew I needed to do more than run. I had to take care of my body. Whether it be changing my lifestyle to meticulously planning my meals or sprinting up hills, I knew I could keep one thing consistent: my Varieteas.

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My addiction began at the beginning of this year with their delicious February Box. Since then, Varieteas has been my cup tea. Every time.

Varieteas is different than any other teas I’ve sipped on. Not only does it conveniently come right to my mailbox, but it also gives me energy and boosts my focus. As a girl who isn’t a fan of pop or energy drinks, Varieteas comes to the rescue with a variety of flavors that put me in a good mood and will satisfy my tastebuds.

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With Varieteas, I can wake up and go to sleep drinking it. Each blend comes with different caffeine levels so I can enjoy it at all times of the day. I even started making a cup before my workouts to get some energy.

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This month, I’m steeping three different blends: Passionfruit, Chamomile and Hello Spring.

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My personal favorite has been Passionfruit. This blend has the highest caffeine levels, so I love to drink it every morning as I catch up on my emails. You can even have it hot or cold!

Thank you, Varieteas, for keeping me on track to run my half marathon! You make staying healthy easy.

Get your March Box before it’s too late and make sure to use ‘dellacollective’ for 15% off your order.


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