don’t think, just do.

thoughts after a long break from writing.

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Writing has always been an outlet for me. No matter the situation, I could always go to my journal to vent and create.

Over the past year, I have had some of the most inspiring and beautiful moments of my life, but have become more and more distant from quality time with my pen and paper.

My love for writing began to fade when I should have been the most inspired. I was told to write a different way, so I did. My voice was lost when I expected to tell some of the best stories and lessons I had experienced yet.

As time went on, I conformed to what I thought was best for my writing. But in the end, I lost my passion and desire to put my words down on paper. In the past, I would write for hours at a time. But it got to the point where I would just stare at the blank screen, disconnected from my emotions and unable to put my thoughts into words. It wasn’t natural or fun anymore, and that scared me more than anything.

Big life moments have happened lately, and I’ve been too timid to sit down, write and share about them. In a time that I needed this outlet the most, it was missing from my life. I knew there was so much to write about, but fear of creating it the wrong way kept me from my journal.

I could feel God telling me to write more by the way moments began to pull at my heartstrings, just like they used to. He knows I need this. All it takes is a little effort and a lot of courage. It will all eventually come full circle, despite the setbacks.

As I sit here and reflect for the first time in awhile, I realize there will always be obstacles, opinions and people you simply cannot please. No matter what your passion is, don’t let the outside world get in your way. When you are told it’s not good enough, just keep going.

Write when you want to write, paint when you want to paint and sing when you want to sing. There is no one who can do your passion better than you. We are all unique and have the ability to create beautiful things in our own way.

Do your thing.



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I'm a salt water and city lights seeker writing my way around the world.

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