spilling my makeup secrets.

hello, highlighter.


I don’t consider myself a makeup guru, but I can easily say I am in love with the products in my bag. As a makeup lover, I have tried many different products to experiment on my sensitive skin. Since high school, I have taught myself about makeup and accumulated my favorite products into what I would say is a pretty solid lineup.

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Many ladies on Instagram have asked questions about how I do my makeup or what products I use, so I figured I could dump out my makeup bag and spill the details.

my face flow.

Like many women, I have had issues with blotchy and irritated skin dating back to middle school. Since then, I have tried everything (literally, everything) to make my skin look flawless by the time I walk out of the door without 1. spending a lot of time and 2. looking like my face is painted on. Being natural is key for me, so if you’re on the hunt for contouring tips I’m just as confused as you are.

my everyday:

prep spray to reduce redness. | $31
lightweight & natural coverage for the entire face. | $40
for red spots & under eye concealer. | $5.99
blush, always. | $5.99

for a little more fun:

for photo shoots & nights out | $34
a perfect bronzer to help my fair skin stand out. | $33
apply above your blush line, on the inner eyelid, bridge of nose & below the brows. get glowing. | $23

for the baby blues.

With lighter eyes, I tend to stay close to neutrals when it comes to eye shadow. It is a daily routine to start with a lighter shade and then darken my corners depending on my mood. When I am not feeling the brown shades, I tend to reach for golden tones to brighten up my eyes without overpowering my lids. For days when you’re tired, which is me every day before I drink my coffee, I throw on highlighter (linked above) in the corner of my eyes to make me look even more awake.

For a look that isn’t as subtle, I get deeper into my makeup palettes and play with color. As much as I love eyeliner, I really don’t wear it often on my average day. I have recently been lining my lower lash line with a darker shade of eye shadow to add a smokey effect without being raccoon friendly.

my everyday:

everyone needs a Naked palette. | $54
use on eyelids for all-day stay. | $20

hands down favorite mascara. ever. | $23
a neutral palette the perfect size for travels. | $41

for a little more fun:

smokey eyed Saturday nights. | $29
on days I have patience to perfect the cat eye. | $24

lip smackers.

I’m a lady who feels naked without a little color on my lips. Each day, I get excited to plan out my outfit and throw on my lip color for the day. I tend to stay away from glossy textures because I always manage to get my hair stuck to it. Because of this pet peeve, I have fell in love with matte lipsticks and colorful lip tints. Here are a few of my favorite shades.

my everyday:

lip tints that last all day. | $32
nude matte lipstick to top off a fresh faced look. | $21
a quick fix for moisture, spf & color. | $3

for a little more fun:

every makeup bag needs a red lip to spice it up. | $24
a darker shade for a bold statement. | $21

Now as I said, I am not a makeup expert but I do love what I put on my face each morning. For more tips or questions on these products, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram!

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And don’t forget, your makeup isn’t complete without a smile. 🙂



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