Blond Genius X Jean Ubben

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” | Carrie Bradshaw

Brisk air waves through my hair, hot coffee hits my lips and colorful leaves fall to my feet. These are the feelings to make the top of my list when autumn comes around.

But the most beloved of all? My closet’s transition to fall fashion.

Nothing compares to the soft cashmere against my skin as I cozy up near warm fireplace flames. I search for the deep, rich colors and patterns to layer on top of each other. And let’s be honest, our shoe game peaks when the leaves turn fiery orange.

It’s never too early to shop for the upcoming season, so I teamed up with Blond Genius to get a sneak peek of what’s fashionable this fall.


You can always find two things in my closet – flowers & texture. I stick to simple pieces with minimal pattern, but floral has always been my go-to when I search for something different.

Since I can remember, I have been drawn to over sized, textured pieces. Maybe it comes from the pictures I saw of my grandmother in her large faux fur coat – which I gladly got passed down to me. To me, the fluffier it is, the more fabulous.

unnamed (29)unnamed (24)unnamed (30)unnamed (27)unnamed (22)unnamed (23)unnamed (25)unnamed (31)unnamed (26)unnamed (28)

SHOP MY LOOK: dresscardigan

Cashmere is an undeniable fall must-have, but when it comes with a skull on it I am completely sold. Throw this baby over any simple on-the-go outfit, slip on your sneakers and it instantly becomes the perfect amount of edgy. As if it could get any more bad ass, finish the look off with my favorite chrome crossbody.


unnamed (3)unnamed (1)unnamed (9)unnamed (10)unnamed (8)unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed (2)unnamed (4)

SHOP MY LOOK: cardigan | tank | leggings | sneakers | purse

As a girl who usually stays away from bright colors, I have been completely hooked on red this summer. A lot of my favorite looks featured this hot color and I fully intend to carry my new obsession to fall.

I stay true to my love for black by never letting go of this clutch (heart eyes). But from embroidery to leather, I find ways to add a pop of color without going overboard. I mean hello, who wouldn’t after seeing this red leather? Let’s just say my fall jacket shopping is completed.

unnamed (20)unnamed (18)unnamed (15)unnamed (14)unnamed (12)unnamed (21)unnamed (13)unnamed (16)unnamed (17)unnamed (11)

SHOP MY LOOK: leather jacket | cashmere tank | denim (link coming soon) | slip-ons | sunnies | clutch

Bring on the navy sweaters and suede baseball caps, I am ready for fall weather to set in. Nothing makes me happier than an effortless crew neck, soft denim and easy sneakers.

From my couch to the city streets, I will be wearing this number at least once a week. For the days I want to skip the dry shampoo, you can find me in this ball cap. It also comes in grey and black suede – you need all three, I know.

unnamed (32)unnamed (38)unnamed (36)unnamed (43)unnamed (41)unnamed (34)unnamed (37)unnamed (35)unnamed (40)unnamed (39)unnamed (33)unnamed (42)

SHOP MY LOOK: sweater | denim | sneakers | cap

All photos by: Jean Ubben | Website: | Instagram: @jeanubbenphotography


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