sundays & sudio sweden.

writing, reading & relaxing music.

Every Sunday I make some time to clear my mind. My favorite form of relaxation comes when I read & write – but I can never focus without music playing in my ears.

The moment I unboxed my new Vasa Bla Sudio Sweden wireless earbuds, my motivation & focus had never been better.



With the right playlist singing through my Vasa Bla earbuds, my pen easily stays on my paper – what’s writers block again?



When you use my discount code “della” you can shop all premium made Sudio Sweden products for 15% off! From earbuds to on-ear headphones, you will find the essential fit to your rhythm.

Sudio Sweden also loves to give back & is donating 10% of all profits from pink products to a Swedish breast cancer foundation, Rosa Bandet during the month of October!

Whether you use them to relax or run, they never fall out of my ears & have perfectly clear sound quality. Not only do they have the best sound quality, they also come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors. I couldn’t pass up my go-to combination of black & rose gold.

Who said earbuds couldn’t be a fashion statement?


Take a peek at the playlist I listened to with my Sudio Sweden headphones while writing this post!

Oceans Away Radio

Thanks to Sudio Sweden, I now have the most relaxing and uninterrupted Sunday nights. It’s just what I need before my week starts.


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