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What’s essential for your health, used twice or more daily & maintains the most beautiful feature on your face? (Yeah, I see you smiling over there).
Ding. Ding. Ding. Your toothbrush.


I’ve always used a normal, non-electric toothbrush. But once I put some thought into how much we use them, it made sense to invest in the best of the best. That’s when Smile Brilliant’s cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush came into my life & made my smile whiter, brighter & bigger.
I wanted a toothbrush that was affordable and one that would fit to my personal oral health – I’ve always struggled with sensitive gums. To make it even better, the cariPRO is almost HALF the price when compared to other electronic toothbrush brands.
The cariPRO focuses on the four quadrants of your mouth & pulses when it’s time for you to switch to the next one. After each quadrant is brushed, the toothbrush shuts off & that indicates a clean mouth. I love this feature, because it ensures all of your teeth are getting the care they deserve.
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The cariPRO has five different settings for whatever smile goal you are wanting to achieve: clean, white, massage, gum care & sensitive. After a few weeks of testing them all out, my top two to use have been the white and sensitive settings.
Where are my fellow black coffee & red wine drinkers? The white setting removes the most surface stains from your teeth. This makes them extremely bright & I don’t feel as guilty drinking my coffee every morning. Although it is one of my top choices, I don’t use it everyday because it is the most intense setting.
My everyday use is sensitive setting. I’ve always had sensitive teeth & gums, so this is the ideal setting for me. Although the vibrations aren’t as strong as the other options, I still feel squeaky clean after brushing my teeth & my gums never hurt!


The cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush is also perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. With my career as a flight attendant, it’s normal for me to be gone for days at a time – which leaves little time to worry about if my toothbrush is charged for my trips. I know I can count on the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush because with a full charge, it lasts up to 30 days – it’s already been all over the country with me!
Another plus? It’s waterproof – which is essential for my early morning wake-up calls that might mean I’m brushing my teeth in the shower to save time. We all know that extra five minutes of sleep counts. 😉



I can honestly say, I will never got back to a non-electric toothbrush & don’t have any desire to try other competing brands. I am so happy with my cariPRO & you can be, too! I know you’ll love it just as much as I do. But, if you don’t see the results you want in the first 60 days, you can return the cariPRO for free.

Use my discount code mapofmadeline20 for 20% off when you buy your very own cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush.

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