meet madeline.


welcome to Map of Madeline.

while i have you here, i hope my posts inspire you to take chances, travel the world and most importantly, never forget where home is. i am a 24 year old, midwest raised, glass-half-full of wine drinker, city lights & saltwater seeker.

i’ve always been an on-the-go girl; a never ready to settle down soul. after my attempt at the daily 9 to 5 jobs, i decided to take a risk and make travel my full-time job. today, i have never been happier & am a world venturing flight attendant for a major US airline.

follow the coordinates of my map to learn more about me, the places i go & most importantly, the lessons i learn along the way. through my words & camera lens, i am thrilled to bring you along this unreal life of adventure that i’m lucky enough to call my own.

where shall we go next?



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